C.E.AMERICA provides engineering simulation and consulting services to multiple industries including automotive, aviation & aerospace, biomedical, construction, defense, electronics, energy, and manufacturing.



Finite element analysis is a very powerful tool in the automotive industries. Our engineers perform simulations on automotive designs and fix and optimize them even before any part or model is built. We reduce product development time drastically.



Simulation techniques in the aviation and aerospace industries is highly developed. Our FEA and CFD experts reduce project costs drastically by reducing the amount of prototyping and testing. We preform some of the more prominent analysis in these industries including coupled field, fatigue, and acoustics.



Finite element analysis has a wide range of application in the medical field. C.E.AMERICA offers design support for dental implants, implant supported prosthesis, mechanical heart valves, skeletal system & tissues. We also perform thermal conductivity of implants.



One of the most established fields of engineering simulation is in the construction industry. C.E.AMERICA offers design, analysis, retrofit, and forensic engineering for many structures. We use FEA and CFD to analyze interaction of soil or water with structures, complex wind and earthquake loading, and many other problems.



Application of engineering simulation in the defense field is significant. Our engineers are experienced in nonlinear transient analysis of blasts and provide design support for military equipment, bunkers, underwater vessels, missiles, and drones.



Application of engineering simulation in the electrical engineering is diverse. C.E.AMERICA provides design support for electrical actuators, energy transfer and conversion instruments, field generators, rotating machines, and sensors.



Simulation techniques are an important part of the analysis and design of systems in the energy field. We provide design support for renewable energy systems, onshore and offshore oil and gas structures, petrochemical facilities, nuclear plants, and power generation facilities. 



Engineering simulation has became one of the most important tools in the design and optimization of manufacturing process. We provide engineering support for machining, sheet metal forming, injection molding, plastic design, bulk deformation, study of friction, and thermo-mechanical coupling.



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